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Let me first say that all of us are reserving all of our rights as authors of our creations. However all the artwork you find on this website is Freely downloadable for personal/non-commercial use. (Yes you can download images from here and use them as your wallpaper.) All of it is also freely shareable, as long as you provide proper credit to artist which created the artwork. As a proper credit we understand authors name, link to this page, authors social links (Like Facebook and/or DeviantArt). Sharing our work without proper credit is unacceptable and forbidden. Modification of our artworks in such a way that it removes or makes author’s signature unlegible is also highly forbidden. If you would like to use our works in your projects, it’s never a bad idea to consult the artists first.


Other site content

All other content of the site (Design, Text, Videos) is Copyrighted as of 2016 and is Intellectual Property of websites creator Marius Hegedüs (Yersinia).
To be 100% correct I state that website is running on WordPress and rough template was provided by Mageewp.

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