Digital vs Traditional Art

Digital or Traditional art?

Our collaborative effort is bringing you the best from both worlds! Some of us are more skilled at using technology, some of us like old school canvas and paintbrush better.

Here are a few examples of how symbiotic relationships between Traditional and Digital art can be.

Traditional to Digital


„So first there was this hand-drawn anime girl, drawn by Frederica using purpose-made markers. (This was actually first Anime-style picture Frederecia ever drawn!) Then I scanned it, fixed the collors and later I decided to redraw it on my graphics tablet and the picture on the right is the outcome.“
– Yersinia

Digital to Traditional


„This is a counterexample, first there was my full vector wallpaper of character I have drawn in Adobre Illustrator CC using my graphics tablet. Later Frederica decided to hand-paint it on 40x40cm canvas using acrilic.“
– Yersinia


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