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Hi! My name is Marius Hegedüs a.k.a. Yersinia. I’m from Slovakia and I study Applied Physics at Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles university in Prague. Art is however my life-long passion. In past I did web design professionally [I made this web]. Digital art such as Digital drawings and Vector art of anime characters is my most recent hobby. I decided to share my works with people who love art as much as I do, hope you like it 🙂

vectorsExample of my vector work in Adobe Illustrator

My DiGital art

I started doing vector art (Digital art) just recently, about half a year ago. I just wanted to make some wallpapers of my favorite anime characters to set as my desktop background. I used my old drawing tablet to make some wallpapers, I was quiet happy with them and showed it to some of my friends, they seemed really impressed and told me that I sould put them on the web for more people to see. I singed up for DeviantArt and started uploading my works there, I got some good feedabck from there as well.

My digital art is free!

I also always include free HD download of all of my works, however I’m still keeping my right as an author, but all my works are free for personal and non-commercial use, they are also to be shared freely as long as you give me propper credit.

All this also applyes to my Digital drawings, which I started doing later. It seemed like a pretty good challenge to me because I have never drawn anyting before. Digital drawing is a so different than vectors, you have so much controll over it, basicaly every move you do will be in final image. I’m still just learning to draw, you can see some of my drawing efforts on this site.

ytMy DIY tablet with LCD display

Recently I made myslef a „DIY cintiq“ I bought a drawing tablet and LCD pannel and marged them togather. It is not perfect, it has some jitter and random inputs at several places but other than that it works reasonably well, for creating my digital art.


You can check out my creations on This Page I’ll be glad for any feedback.
You can also visit my DeviantArt page here:

Say Hi to me:

If you would want to contact me throw an email at me: mariush(at) or catch me on Facebook: Marius Hegedüs

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